2020 Just STOP.

This isn’t about current events, because there’s not enough swearing to even begin on that shit.

Cosmo’s mast cell is spreading like wildfire. Worst case scenario. He’s losing weight rapidly, diarrhea with blood, and he pees clear water – he doesn’t even realize he’s peeing, and when he does, he feels terrible about it. He’s vomiting and dry heaving at random. His heart is still in it, but his body is breaking down rapidly, faster than anyone expected. The pathologist’s report had estimated four months. It’s been a month since his surgery.

My daughter took him to the vet this morning, and the vet agreed that it would be a wise plan to give him a few “best days ever” with love and treats and as many walks and sniffs as he can enjoy, and then, next week…. My poor daughter will have to hold a beloved dog for the last time, for the second time in 3 years.

He’s only THREE. I am so sad.

Sweet, funny little boy. (This was in his healthy puppy days.)

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