21 Days

I have done yoga 21 days in a row, which is definitely a personal record. (I usually give up on these things after a week.)

I’m happy to report that 3 weeks in I’ve lost 20 pounds, look 10 years younger and…none of that actually happened.

But I am more flexible and my balance is improving and my core is definitely stronger. I actually did this morning’s short but brutal core work with only muttering fuck a few times, instead of screaming at YouTube. I did have to surrender on the side planks. I can get into a side plank with sufficient time, but Adriene was moving FAST today. I modified that into a side-ish plank with a kickstand, and am not at all disappointed in myself. I couldn’t have managed that three weeks ago.

There was a lot of slow, low bicycle kind of leg work, with shoulders raised and breathing, and I did not struggle with it! I have no core, just a liquid center, and am seeing improvement in my core strength at 63.

I needed this, and I now feel like a half hour of yoga in the morning is a manageable thing and a must do thing. I don’t know why 30 minutes feels like something I can do, while a 45-50 minute program is “Nope, I don’t have time.” But 30 minutes daily is better than an hour now and then, and way better than a 90 minute fancy class every other week. Until your schedule changes and you can’t get to that class anymore. And this is FREE. I really have no excuses left. This just has to be part of the morning.

I don’t have the energy to write about politics. The GOP actually tried to do a coup and install a dictator. We will all find out exactly what kind of pressure was used to make career Republican politicians turn on their country, and I think we’ll find out in the next few months. We have been living in Interesting Times for the last 5 years, but I think it’s about to get kicked into overdrive.

Anybody both-sides-ing at me EVER AGAIN is gonna regret it. My upper body strength is already much stronger, and I’m feeling motivated to swing a broadsword.

4 thoughts on “21 Days”

  1. The biggest threat to world stability is “OIL” you can look at almost any war and see that oil is the biggest driver. Really is terribly sad that we are so dependent on this stuff! Can’t imagine a war over solar panels but then again I suppose it could happen.

  2. Damn! You almost had me doing yoga, with the losing 20 pounds. Sigh.
    I had somebody try to convince me that both sides are corrupt. It was pretty easy to shoot down, what with sedition, and asking Russia for help, and siding with Putin over national security experts. And quick, too! I am kind of wondering what side we’re on with Russia. I thought they were our friends a couple years ago, and now it’s all Send Our Troops To Ukraine. (Look up “idiot ball” sometime.) I guess it doesn’t actually matter, just more dick-swinging.

    1. We are not on Russia’s side. At this point, diplomacy and threats are winning and Putin has backed down. We’ve had a frenemies relationship with Russia for decades, because neither side wants war so we both make nice and fake smile, but they’ve never been our friends.

      This is all a long game Russia has been playing to destabilize the west, because financially, all Russia has going for it is its oil and gas exports. It’s “a trailer park with nukes” (Malcolm Nance) and “a dirty gas station”, and Putin has been playing a long game to destabilize Western Europe and especially the US for years, working to install autocrats beholden to him. Trump was his boy, and now that he’s out, they’re scrambling to undermine Biden and other small “d” democratic world leaders. We are very US-centric in our news sources, and that’s to our detriment. At this point, the GOP and Fox “News” are openly campaigning to kill our democracy. A lot of the world sees it, and yet, internally we have these conversations like that. That’s why I keep saying “both sides” makes me want to swing a broadsword.

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