A Day and a Half to Go

And please, God, let everything be not too screwed up when I get back.

Outside consultant is on it, we have great communication, but I still live in fear that I’ve forgotten some random thing I didn’t pass on to them. We had a last call today, and they promised to keep everything rolling and hand it all back to me neatly when I get back. I’ve put the word out for the last two weeks that I’m going to be vanishing, but shall return. It’s all so weird. Forgive my deliberate vagueness about the details, but I do want to keep some distance between my work life and here.

Yesterday a guy called me about a thing, and I had a moment of Huh? and then was able to retrieve the status of the thing and hand it off to outside consultant to follow up on, because it’ll happen while I’m “gone.”

Late this afternoon another guy called me about another thing, and I sent an email to the county and copied him in, and I hope it smoothed some confusion about a thing I wasn’t involved in directly. This is not a job with a fixed, limited list of projects, and is far more like the development world I came from (where I made way more money). I get calls about all sorts of things that aren’t on my project lists. I have learned a lot in this role in the last year and a half or so, and I’m finally hitting my stride, where I (usually) know the answer, or who to ask about what.

My supervisor at the place where I work that doesn’t pay me (contracting is weird) said I’m getting a new title because I’d maxed out the range for my old title, which I decoded to mean I should watch for a raise from the people who pay me. He can’t see the split between what he put in for my role to the contracting company and what I’ll get from that company. So that’s wonderful news, seriously, but also deeply weird. If I don’t see a new title and a new pay rate in my new contract, I need to reach out to him. I’ve never had less control over my working life than in this situation. But still, a raise? Yay!

But pray for me, light a candle, whatever. Bless Her Heart was really eager to take on ONE task: again, can’t be specific, sorry. We were on a call today where we got the information about that task, because I asked: we needed a date when a thing was going to happen. She IMed me after the call to ask what the date was. SHE WAS ON THE CALL!! She’d been happy to take on this task! She didn’t pay enough attention to write down the date we’d been waiting to confirm, AFTER saying she’d handle it. I fucking give up. I need to disconnect her from this process somehow, she’s just more work.

It’s sheer dumb luck that the date was confirmed before I am forced out for 30 days so I could initiate the next step, but hey, if they didn’t want shit like this to happen, they could’ve made me an employee, or given me a competent minion.

Friday afternoon, I am outta there. I need a damn break.

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