About the Impeachment.

Yes, I get that people are pissed that he wasn’t convicted, but honestly, he wasn’t going to be. I’m taking a break from Twitter until people stop rending their garments and wailing that all is lost, and what does impeachment even mean anymore, and woe is we. And IF ONLY there had been WITNESSES!! OMG!!! WHY???

No. No. No. The Democrats knew going in that the fix was in, that the Republicans are a spineless bunch who were planning to acquit a man who sent a mob after them in an attempt to overthrow the government. Witnesses wouldn’t have changed a goddamn thing, it just would have resulted with the former “president’s” shitty lawyers dragging out the proceedings with more lying and bullshit. Republicans gonna Republican. Yes, it sucks, but where have you been? That’s who they are.

And please, don’t buy into the headline writers’ spin that “The Senate acquitted Trump.” 57 Senators, including 7 honest Republicans, voted to convict; the standard for conviction in the Senate is 2/3. That was never, ever going to happen. But now the whole disgraceful, treasonous story is in the record, and every single one of those spineless Republicans who voted to protect Trump will be living with that verdict forever.

Now it’s time for the state courts, (the ones that could actually send him to jail) where members of the “jury” won’t meet with the defense counsel to plan strategy and assure them that no matter how they disgrace and embarrass themselves, the fix was still in. So don’t feel bad about the outcome. This trial was for the historical record, not the outcome.

Within half an hour of the verdict, E. Jean Carroll tweeted: “Hold my beer.”

Time to think about 2022. I have a couple of shitbag Senators and Governor Florida Man to get rid of. Let’s focus on fighting voter suppression, register new voters, and GOTV.

5 thoughts on “About the Impeachment.”

  1. I’ve been sending out this youtube video of Heather Cox Richardson talking about the pendulum of history a lot the last couple of days;


    Peggy Noonan decried trump; major donors are refusing to fund this absence of responsibility; real normal people saw this travesty and are angry.

    I’m surviving on visions of trump going to federal prison – you know, where the “illegal” immigrants are sent?

    1. I was just “Meh” about the whole impeachment trial, I think the damage will be in the aftermath of his administration, as the evidence is revealed. I had zero faith in Republicans ever doing the right thing, and I think our energy would be better spent in just electorally curb-stomping them. Trump and his worthless kids will be pursued by financial woes and court cases for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, President Biden is getting vaccines and working to fix the economy and get schools functioning again, almost behind the scenes as the Trump Trash continue to suck all the oxygen from the room. Let the court system and the banking system deal with them. We need to never forget, but also look forward.

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