After Much Thought about Growing Out My Gray…

I’m going to color my hair again. I’m totally back to my natural color after a year of quarantine and a series of very short haircuts, and…eh. It’s not really that gray except for a few promising streaks and salt and pepper shit, and it’s just dull. It looks faded, neither here nor there, washed out, which is exactly what I DID NOT WANT in this going natural experience.

Seriously, I’m disappointed in my follicles. My roots were so promisingly peeking through with bright silver a year ago, I was thinking I’d be rocking the Jamie Lee Curtis look by now.

But nooo, I have the kind of salt and pepper hot mess I didn’t want. So, yes, I’m going to color my hair again, because I’M NOT AS GRAY AS I THOUGHT I’D BE. Has anyone ever said that before? I was all in on going silver. Not so much on going lightly frosted dead brown lawn look, which is what I have going on now.

I’m keeping the very short hair, and we can try this again next year.

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