All Better Now.

My knee is 98% recovered, just in time for work tomorrow. My three day weekend was not what I’d intended. My knee was still stiff and slightly sore when I woke up this morning, but this afternoon I took Gidget down the stairs for the outside walkie she’d missed for TWO days (plus most of the Nicole day). She’d been sighing and looking at me reproachfully, like I was either being mean for no reason by saying we couldn’t walk outside, or she was being punished for something she didn’t do. So the big moment arrived, I took her out this afternoon. I had NO pain at all going down the stairs. I’m gleeful. Gidget walked to a patch of grass, peed, sniffed around a bit, and headed for the stairs. She was done. Apparently I missed Outside way more than she did. She is not an outdoorsy girl.

I can’t begin to describe how insane my knee issues are. It came out of the blue Thursday evening after I had to squat and kneel doing the computer stuff. By Friday morning I could NOT put any weight on my left leg without screaming in pain as my leg buckled. By Sunday afternoon it was fine. Yes, I will be walking tomorrow, and all the days thereafter, because DAMN! I’ll give it a couple more days before I start a few minutes of yoga too, but this weekend was a wakeup call that exercise is NO LONGER OPTIONAL.

I realized that in my long tale of hurricane and knee pain, I never got around to discussing the midterms. Yes, Florida was very disappointing, but as a Democrat in FL, I’m used to disappointment. This effing state could have put Val Demings in the Senate, but re-elected that sanctimonious little shitweasel. And okay, Crist wasn’t an “exciting” candidate for governor, but he’s decent and competent and definitely not a fascist.

But, it’s FL and it’s full of rednecks and retirees who watch Fox 16 hours a day, and it’s gerrymandered AF. And sadly, the national Democratic apparatus wrote the state off as a lost cause and didn’t send much funding for Val or Charlie, let alone the House races or state races.

Nationally? A totally different story! Our national media was all in on the “traditional wisdom” that midterm elections favor the party that doesn’t hold the White House and acted like the “Red Wave” was a done deal. The “Red Wave” turned out to be a pink splotch, largely thanks to those meddling kids from Gen Z, God bless ’em. Democracy was saved, and we might end up with a squeaker of a win in the House as well as the Senate, and then we can get back to the work of fixing all the shit broken in the previous Admin.

We need to support Sen. Warnock in the GA runoff with that witless puppet. Send him a few bucks if you can.

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  1. My checkbook will sigh when Sen. Warnock’s election is complete. I really am old enough to remember when the US was functional! So extremely delighted that Mr. Tortoise won’t be an influence (I really despise that man). Of course the “wonder” of my lifetime is just how the hell did Herschel Walker end up in any political contest? We shall see!

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