And so, January.

Both my daughter and granddaughter have had confirmed COVID exposures this week. The Dancer is out of dance for a week and needs a negative test to return, because the dance studio has more sense than the governor.

My daughter is vaxxed and boosted, and the Dancer has had both her shots, and they have no symptoms, just exposure. My daughter works in the Florida school system and my granddaughter attends a public school, so unless one of them is symptomatic they’ll be back in school next week, as Our Good Lord DeShithead, the Self-Anointed Second Coming of Trump (Eeew) has decreed. Masks are optional, though of course they both wear them because they’re not fucking idiots.

I was pleased to see that people were mostly masking up in Publix again. It had fallen to below 50%, but today we were back above 75% when I was there. But I overheard bits of a disturbing conversation that involved the words “mucus” “doctor” and “COVID” from a large and abnormally red faced man who was of course unmasked.

We are all going to fucking get this, aren’t we?

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