And Then, She Lapsed into Silence. Again.

So, let’s do a high speed catch-up.

Work remains “eh”, but the paycheck remains very welcome.

We are doing Winter in Central Florida for another three days this weekend, because of course it’s a holiday weekend. Just like Christmas, we will be cold to very cold until Tuesday, when it will warm up again and hit 80 on Thursday. We won’t be getting into the 20s again, but will flirt with freezing tomorrow night. The plants that normally stay on the balcony are either inside, if they’re small, or moved back against the woefully un-insulated sliding doors on the balcony. I had plans to start herbs on the balcony this weekend, but I think I’ll get them and pot them on Monday, but wait until we’re back in the 50s at night before putting them out.

And yes, I have a three day weekend, and I am still adjusting to having PTO after what, a decade or so without? I put in for a week off around the three day cruise, so I’m not in a tizzy getting ready and can do laundry and re-stock the fridge when I get home (and spend an afternoon on the couch apologizing to Gidget). I haven’t had a paid week off since I can’t remember when. It’s why I’m okay with the “eh” of the job.

Okay, so I know you want a political rant, don’t you? Honestly, I’m all ranted out. I’m just going to sit back and put my feet up and watch the Republican party show their ass to the world for the next two years. We have Uncle Joe and the Senate majority to stop any stupid shit they try to do, and they have…some blonde freshman Congresswoman who actually thinks that whatever the fuck she voted for the other day “stopped the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents!” Squeals of joy!! She did it! Seriously, I stumbled across her official Twitter and rolled my eyes so hard I sprained something.

No you twit, you fucking didn’t. That’s a done deal, and it’s not and never was the hiring of “87,000 new IRS agents!” It’s the budget for IRS hiring over TEN years, because a lot of people will be retiring over the next decade, and it’s for IT people and all sorts of staff who are not agents, including the poor souls who have to answer the phone when that ditsy dipshit calls to bitch about taxes. People sent her to Congress. The mind reels.

And George Santos is a spectacular liar, also apparently a criminal who has done a lot of crimeing, and an endless source of Internet memes, but their absolute joke of a Speaker will do nothing because his majority is so slim he can’t afford to lose even that asshole. McCarthy will protect that dirtbag until he’s hauled out in handcuffs, which might actually happen before summer, at the rate his crimes are unfolding.

Seriously, we could laugh at this Congress, but the real issue is that PEOPLE VOTED FOR THIS. Again, it’s not “Half the country,” it’s about 1/3, but that’s still an awful lot of awful. Thanks to Republican Voters we are in for two years of dysfunction, but Thank GOD we have the Senate and Biden’s decades of experience at the helm. The House will be all poo-flinging and shrieking until 2024. I’m rooting for fisticuffs on the R side of the House. I think we’ll see it.

More updates over this THREE DAY WEEKEND, I promise.

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  1. Sorry about the cold! It is always good to hear how things are going. Montana weather is pretty typical, we had rain last night and so today everything is ICE and a mess. Little Moses just does not understand this stuff but he does go when I carry him out. Stay well and hopefully warm.

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