And Today We Were Back at the Vet.

Sophie was doing much, much better: pooping normally, eating well, not so gassy since I found ways to totally eliminate chicken from her diet. (You really have no idea how hard it is to avoid poultry until you have a dog allergic to it.) Smooth sailing for about…three weeks?

Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work, I noticed Sophie doing the dreaded butt scoot – obviously something was amiss at that end. I didn’t see anything wrong in the morning, but by the time I got home, yep, one of her anal glands was red and distended. Of course the vet was closed, so I called when they opened this morning, and halleluia! They had a cancellation and were able to squeeze her in. (Heh, get it: “squeeze?” She didn’t think it was funny either.)

So the very nice young vet who looks like she’s around 19 years old but is very smart examined her, and nope, she didn’t have an impacted gland. She wasn’t sure what caused the redness and swelling, so Sophie is back on amoxicillin and pred, just in case. And I’m seriously considering launching a Go Fund Me for my dog’s ass. I do like it when she’s on amoxicillin vs. some other antibiotic, because I can get it filled for free at Publix. Today’s adventure in gross veterinary matters stayed under $100, I’m only half kidding about the Go Fund Me. She’s cost me a fortune this summer.

She wishes to lodge a complaint with the management.

I was horrified by the hairiness of my couch in this photo, and spent a chunk of my morning de-hairing it, de-spotting it, and flipping cushions around. It’ll look like the photo again by tomorrow. Then I did all the laundry, planned meals for the week, put Sophie in a chokehold (as if she hadn’t already suffered enough) for her heartworm dose, and changed the AC filter. I also woke up at 4 am for no particular reason, so I might be indulging in a glass of wine right about now.

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