Another Long Catch-up. Warning: Many, Many Swears.

So, I’m still alive, still working from home, Sophie is actually doing better (fuck, why did I put that in writing?)

I am in Florida. Yeah. It’s bad; really bad, and worse because we have a seriously incompetent governor. DeSaster is the dumbest motherfucker in the country. Even the country’s next dumbest Trumper governor has finally required masks statewide in Texas, but we are truly FloriDUH. Our governor is celebrating that the average age of new cases is much younger now! Because they don’t get really sick, yanno, and only a few of them DIE, and only a few more end up on ventilators, and hey, let’s roll the dice, open the schools, open the beaches, whoo-hoo!

Sorry, was going to write an actual update. My daughter called me and has been ranting for an hour.

More tomorrow, maybe.

3 thoughts on “Another Long Catch-up. Warning: Many, Many Swears.”

  1. It is horrific. I am sorry you and the family have to go through it. I am at wit’s end about my mother south of Miami. No good solutions in the face of murderous stupidity. I hope your daughter keeps Delaney home in August if they really do open. Kid cases are doubling and tripling across the country.
    wish I had better things to say. sending hope for better and endurance and action if not.

    1. I’m so sorry about your mom’s situation, and I hope she is staying as safe as possible. My daughter called me ranting last night: Florida has ORDERED schools to open and operate 5 days a week next month. Both my daughter and son-in-law work for school districts in two different counties, so they have been ordered back to work full time. They will have no choice but to send Delaney back, unless I can work something out with my own job. If I could continue to work from home, she could do virtual school from here.

      Florida already has 7k cases in kids, and that’s almost undoubtedly an undercount, because it’s difficult to get a kid tested, and kids don’t necessarily have the same symptoms as adults. One of my daughter’s former coworkers has the virus and it appears she got it from a student. She gave it to her 83 year old father. So far, both are doing fairly well- fingers crossed.

      1. Thank you. And Christ on a pogo stick, I hate that your daughter and SIL are being forced into the mouth of destruction. Hoping for some Florida-wide rebellion. You’d think people would draw the line at endangering kids, but nope. Mom is sometimes doing the right thing, but mostly lying about what she’s doing or just not telling me. Then forgetting what she’s lied about/hidden and making reference to it later. Sound familiar? sigh.
        not much I can do at this point. She lives as she chooses, always had. I dread the phone call that may one day come. But till then, just trying to nudge her toward better choices. It’s a full time job, fer shure. I just read something on how destructive a lack of simple joy in one’s life can be. so re-focusing a bit on that. one small bit at a time. I wish some of that random joy for you, too.

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