Another Long Silence…

Life is just life. It’s still hot as hell here, and every day we are threatened with thuderstorms that never happen. Today’s chance of rain was over 70% yesterday, so I changed my plan to go to Epcot today to go tomorrow. Know how much rain we had today? ZERO. NONE. ZILCH. But I did do practical stuff and that’s fine, I’ll go to Epcot Food and Wine tomorrow.

It’s been crazy dry here all summer. We get threats of rain daily but they seldom happen. We had a nice big storm a few nights ago and I realized it was the first decent rain we’d had all summer. I don’t want a hurricane, but I’d actually welcome a nice soaking tropical system at this point.

Gidget finally had her overdue dental surgery on Wednesday. I had to reschedule for work reasons, then the vet had to reschedule because he’s the go-to guy for orthopedic surgery and had a 3 hour surgery to do last week. (The dog is doing great.)

The vet called me when Gidget was done and said yeah, all of her molars were “gnarly” and had to go, but the teeth at the front of her mouth were good. I picked her up at 1, she was alert and bitched at me on the drive home. Seriously, she stood on the passenger seat and told me how awful it was for 20 minutes. Then she took a long nap and woke up her normal self, ate a big dinner, took her meds with peanut butter, slept comfortably all night, and was chewing on her normal treats the next day. We should all recover from extensive dental surgery like a middle-aged Chorkie.

Eddie is splendid, other than being a barking asshole when he sees another dog on a walk.

I just don’t have the energy to rant or laugh about politics right now, though the Boebert thing is just too hilarious. I’m old enough to remember when that sort of thing would be a career killer, and Serious Republicans would condemn her behavior and gather to discuss her removal from office. Now, what the fuck, you can get kicked out of a theater for maybe being drunk/high or just your trashy self, and letting your boyfriend grope your new fake boob while grabbing his crotch, and Jesus and the GOP will forgive all, because Christian Family Values, amirite? This would have been the end of a political career. Now it’s just another story.

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  1. Always good to see your posts! Glad that Gidget did well with her dental surgery! We’re still missing Moses, but he lived a good life. Strangely I couldn’t resist watching the Boebert videos – that women is just too over the top, disgusting.

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