Anybody want a used cat?

So, I was going to post this, then held it because Ellie’s ill. Drinking a lot of water, I mean, a LOT of water, in the past few days, which has led to runny poop and barfing said water. So, I’m thinking we now maybe have a kidney issue?

Her age is approximately 6 (edited, I lost track) but that’s just a guesstimate from the shelter where I adopted her, she could be 8 or so.

I’ve gone an entire month without a $300 vet bill or having to buy $$ prescription food, so, of course. She’s not in any distress, so she’s just going to have to wait until payday (when I get my final check for the next 5 paydays). I did not need this.

The reason I don’t think this is an emergency – story below. She’s begging treats, demanding pets, looks just fine, and she’s well enough to leap to the mantel and commit casual vandalism.

I have a pair of hand carved giraffes from Kenya on my mantel. They have been there for three years, since I bought them during a short stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. (Wait, you didn’t think I could ever afford to visit Kenya for real, did you? I can’t even afford Animal Kingdom Lodge unless they’re offering a hell of a passholder discount!) In three years they have been unmolested and unharmed, totally ignored by the cat.

The other night I was rudely awakened by a crash. Ellie had inexplicably decided that she had to leap to the mantel. Why? Because she’s a cat. The smaller giraffe had hit the floor with a sound like a plate shattering. I was half asleep and confused and wasn’t even sure what the cat had knocked over, until I saw the small faceless figure near the fireplace. I couldn’t find the face at first and was contemplating bludgeoning the cat with the remains, but then I found it, and thankfully it was all in one piece.

It could have been worse, it’s a clean break and I was able to superglue it back, you can barely see the damage.

There’s a new baby giraffe named Humphrey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I hope I’ll see him on the safari on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Anybody want a used cat?”

  1. When you have Ellie checked make sure it is not diabetes. One of my cats developed diabetes and it sounds like this could be her problem. also it could be food related. Hope Ellie does okay??

    1. Yep, my mind went to kidney disease or diabetes. She’s getting to that age. I haven’t changed her food or treats, so it’s not a dietary change, unless she’s suddenly allergic to her familiar food. She seems a bit better today, the barfing seems to have stopped. I’ll give her one more day to recover on her own before calling the vet. Considering her weird habit of chewing on the junk mail/Amazon boxes, she might have ingested some sort of glue or whatever that disagreed with her.

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