Asking for a friend…

So, what do you do when a co-worker you really like, who is honestly a good person and always helpful and full of useful work information, out of the blue shares a link to some quack “doctor” (Narrator: Not actually a doctor.) who is promoting non-FDA approved medications for COVID-19?

My friend didn’t handle it well. My friend Googled, and said, “This guy doesn’t seem credible. It appears he’s an acupuncturist with “honorary” degrees. I can’t find a CV anywhere online, and if he’s a real doctor or researcher, it should be out there.” And, yeah, that got awkward.

My friend should have said, “Oh, that certainly is interesting!” And changed the subject. But my friend was asked, “What do you think about this?” And so my friend looked, and now my friend is seriously questioning how this otherwise intelligent-seeming person shared a link about a possible “secret treatment for COVID” which is – wait for it – a medication for worms usually prescribed for dogs.

Nope, not kidding. Apparently Republicans held a hearing with quacks like this promoting worm medication for a virus.

I just cannot even. My friend has learned, from now on I, I mean SHE, will say, “Oh, that’s interesting!” and change the subject fast.

And (still asking for a friend) why is it that my friend feels it’s very inappropriate to discuss anything even remotely controversial (like science, apparently) in the workplace? My friend got hit with this out of the blue, did her researcher thing, thought, “OMG!! DOG DEWORMER is being touted as a secret COVID treatment??!! OMFG!!”

My friend’s regular work day is full of enough stupid shit. She did not need this.

3 thoughts on “Asking for a friend…”

  1. Oh no. No, no, nope. I have come to the conclusion I cant have a convo with anyone anymore, because it can turn into a surreal level of b*ts**t crazy. From my beloved yoga instructor who is flying all over the country because she is sure she has “already had C**id” to your seemingly normal nice co-worker. I think your Answer just has to work for all situations.

    1. Right? And it comes out of nowhere! You’re talking about a work thing, or the weather, and they’re suddenly off on some conspiracy theory or other batshittery!

  2. Ack. Nope, nope, hell to the nope, your friend did not need this extra special crazy sauce on top of the workaday crazy. ugh.

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