Books, Books and More Books.

This post has been marinating for a long time, and just keeps getting longer. I need to just go ahead and post it already! Reminder: I am an Amazon Associate, so if you buy anything through one of my links, I will get a small commission. Second reminder: I only share links to stuff I really, truly love.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m basically back in my old groove of having two or three books going at a time – an audiobook and at least one on my beloved Kindle. I’m a long time and very happy Audible subscriber, and I also have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. (I also borrow books from the library via the Libby app when I can, but that’s hit or miss.)

If you are blessed with a fabulous and well-stocked public library, you may have never felt the need for an e-reader or any subscriptions for books. My local library is less than fabulous, unless you’re really into Nora Roberts and James Patterson. (I’ll just say I am not, and leave it at that.)

Kindle Unlimited has been around for a while and I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it. For years it was sort of the repository of “meh” books – some finds were enjoyable enough, but not particularly memorable. A lot of the content was truly godawful dreck. Any idiot with an internet connection can self-publish an e-book these days, and I tried Kindle Unlimited for a while a few years ago and gave it up, because I didn’t find much I liked.

When I finally bought my new Kindle last year it came with a 3 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, so I gave it another try. They certainly have upped their game, and I’ve discovered some wonderful and new-to-me series!

I’m very late to Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache. I found the first book via KU. (I’m tired of typing out Kindle Unlimited.) The first four, I think, are on KU at the moment. It’s a very extensive series and they’re not all included, but it’s enough to get me totally hooked. I can’t believe I’d never read any Louise Penny books before!

Other, lesser known Kindle Unlimited treasures:

The Heathcliff Lennox series by Karen Baugh Menuhin is a gem. ‘Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie with a touch of Wodehouse and a dog of distinction.’ is such an excellent description, I can’t top it so I’ll just quote it. I LOVE THIS SERIES.

The Lady Hardcastle series by T.E. Kinsey is in a similar “witty period British mysteries” style, but with a couple of the best heroines of this genre ever. I won’t spoil it for you if you want to try it, but they are quiet kickass feminists with very unique resumes, who live in the most charming “quiet country village” – I found myself wishing I could live there too. The entire series is on Kindle Unlimited, and that’s truly a bargain.

I’ll stop here, before this gets entirely too long and and eyes start glazing over. I haven’t even gotten to my favorite audio book series, or the non-KU Kindle books I am hooked on now.

So, more to follow, if there’s interest.

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