Can You See Me?

I know, this sounds like one of those weird needy tweets where people ask if “Anyone is seeing my tweets?” I swear this isn’t that. I’ve been in a conversation with a reader who says she can’t see any of my posts past January 6th. I’m thinking it is something in her bookmarks or whatever, but now I’m wondering if it’s something in my blog settings that I’m going to have to sort out.

So if you’re out there, could you just say, “Yo!” “Present” “I hate your stupid blog” whatever? I promise this isn’t a nefarious way to collect a list to spam or anything, I’m way too lazy for that.

12 thoughts on “Can You See Me?”

  1. Present!

    Here my cohort (over 70) is up for THE vaccine, I intend to tackle the online booking process tomorrow.

    1. Oh, thank you, I’m not stopping, I’m just concerned that there’s a glitch in the feed somewhere. Thanks for checking in!

  2. I can see you! Every now and then your blog will stop updating and it usually means I need to clear out my cookies. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks! I’m thinking it’s something with cookies, or bookmarks, but I don’t like that it’s doing that. I will need to learn more of the Mysteries of WordPress.

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