Didn’t We Just Do This?

Yeah, but Nicole will not be like Ian. Nicole is many hours of rainy already, but not as extreme, at least so far. 4-6 inches of rain at worst, vs. 18. (YES, 18.) For the places that still haven’t recovered from Ian this will be bad, but not another Ian on top of the original disaster.

I got my hair cut Tuesday night and I did not go super short again. I mean, it’s still quite short, but my stylist and I are both curious about growing it in. I have faith that Nicole will not be a storm disaster and it’s unlikely I’ll need another hardhat day anytime soon, so I’m kind of curious about now my hair will look in a short, layered bob. And while my stylist and I chatted, we realized my last cut was The Day Before Ian, when we both spent days without power and were just cautiously restocking the fridge, and now wtf? I did not schedule another cut just yet. I may be jinxed.

Anyway, I don’t think this will be that much storm drama, at least hereabouts. I’ll check in on the other side.

4 thoughts on “Didn’t We Just Do This?”

  1. Glad nicole did minimal damage near you. Whew.
    hopefully it will be good weather from here on out. Here in NM we are having our coldest days and nights of year so far. But sunny and beautiful, if you’re out of the wind, heh.

    Finding it difficult to carve out knitting time from all the errands and battening down for winter stuff. As a friend just said, we are really still homesteading up here. not out of the RV yet but hopefully by Christmas.

    1. Hang on, New Mexico? An RV? Are you still blogging? I feel like I’ve missed a story. Knitting time? What’s that? I have a list of projects.

  2. So sorry that you have been hit again, but at least Nicole doesn’t seem to be *quite* as bad. We are getting some of that rain up here in Va, but not so heavy that it mostly seems to be soaking in and not just running off… Hope you and your four-legged companions are safe and dry.

    1. It was a long rainy windy day here, nowhere near as bad as Ian, though the storm surge on the coast was horribly destructive. I lost power for a minute or two, which is saying something because my neighborhood used to lose power if a squirrel farted.

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