Disney Is Requiring Masks Again.

And I will wear one when I go to Animal Kingdom next Thursday.

But I will be avoiding the Facebook Disney boards until the anti-mask un-vaccinated ignoranuses wear themselves out bitching about the mask policy.

I had one write a screed directed at me, telling me how masks don’t matter because the virus is actually transmitted through sweat and you get it by touching all those contaminated surfaces.

I didn’t respond, I just turned the thread off because it’s not my job to argue with assholes.

17,589 new cases in FL today. They obviously didn’t use enough hand sanitizer.

2 thoughts on “Disney Is Requiring Masks Again.”

  1. Please be careful, I’m sure you will. Montana’s numbers are creeping up. The only saving grace is that Montana has such a small population but SO many out-of-state vacationers.

    1. Florida is the worst in the nation. I’ve resumed wearing a mask whenever I’m in public, and both Disney and my workplace have resumed requiring them. Now if they would just require vaccinations.

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