Eddie Meets the Groomer.

I know you’re all just waiting to hear how Crazy Eddie did with his first visit to my longtime groomer. (I’m not naming her because the internet is weird, but if you live somewhere in the vicinity of Apopka, FL and want a great groomer, just leave a comment.)

So, we arrived at 7:30 a.m. for his appointment and I carried him in. He was calm and interested. Groomer awwed and clutched her heart, and reached for him. He went to her without any fuss at all, and she cuddled him while we discussed the “mini-groom” he needed. (Trim face and the naughty bits, I want his coat to grow in a bit more from the Shelter Shave.) She popped him onto the grooming table and fussed over him, and he basically said, “Bye mom!” He was getting fussed over by a pretty blonde lady and totally fine with it.

Eddie is full of surprises. He was a perfect angel for her, and because it was a light schedule for her, just a few regulars, he was done very quickly. I picked him up and he was waiting in a crate, quietly watching the goings on. He was very happy to see me but not hysterical. I praised him for being such a good boy, and could he please have a word with Gidget when he gets home?

However, Best Groomer Ever alerted me that he has an ear infection. The same dog who collapsed in the grass when he stepped on something that poked his paw has a very sore ear and has said NOTHING about it. No scratching, no rubbing, sleeps like an angel, gave me no clue. We have a vet appt for tomorrow to get some meds.

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  1. The miracle dog, great about the groomer! Good luck with the ear infection – hope he does well with the medicine?

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