20 minutes with this delightful, smart, funny, social (did I mention smart?) little dude and he was clearly an Eddie. The Kid pushed hard for Walter, but this is not a Walter.

I did not make him ride there, he snuffled around, chewed a chewie, and fell asleep there.

He’ll bring an energy that has been sorely lacking in this House of Old Ladies. He’s smart as hell, figured out where treats come from in five minutes flat, you whisper the word and he’s off and running to stand by the shelf in the kitchen. He’s definitely a foodie, has leash manners, will potty outside, has mastered stairs, and is generally settling in very fast. And I didn’t know it until FB told me, but this is the 7th anniversary of Ellie joining the family! Purely coincidental, but it’s clearly a good Gotcha Day.

We were at Animal Kingdom Lodge from Friday until noonish today, then I was off to the other side of the Orlando metro area to meet the Eddie formerly known as Wilson. I’m exhausted. He’s exhausted, Gidget’s exhausted. I am about to introduce him to our evening pastime: collapsing on the couch.

5 thoughts on “Eddie.”

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! What an awesome birthday weekend, capped off by a cutie who definitely looks like an Eddie!

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