Eddie’s DNA

Yeah, I had to do it. When animal control picked him up on the street they declared him a Shih Tzu. He was a mass of hair and not fixed or chipped, but they had mad skills at breed guessing. They put his age at 4, but the rescue that pulled him from the shelter called bullshit on that, as did I and the vet. He’s a kid. He’d been neglected for a while and I understand why they didn’t realize how young he really was, under all that hair and I’m sure scared to death.

I got a test kit on sale on Amazon, and got the results yesterday.


84% Shih Tzu

14% Chihuahua

1% Pekinese

1% Lhasa Apso

So, yeah, we’ll just go with Shih Tzu mix. The most interesting part of the test was that his “sister” was identified, and her age was listed as 1 year, 10 months. So, my guess that he was barely out of puppyhood last summer is validated. The vet who saw him after I adopted him said no way was he 4 years old, confirming my impression. So he’s officially a Shih Tzu mix, and 2-ish years old. Case closed. And of course, The Best Boy Ever. Except for the barking at other dogs, but he is getting better about that. He still has to say SOMETHING, but he no longer loses his shit at the tops of his lungs. He’s toning it down.

The DNA results didn’t address his Time Clock Gene. Eddie has an internal clock, and it’s really impressive. I am not allowed to work past 5 p.m. without a loud, dramatic song. He stands next to my desk and yodels! It’s hilarously cute and hard to resist. He doesn’t need to go out, he doesn’t even want dinner, he just wants me to GET MY ASS OUT OF THAT CHAIR AND SPEND TIME WITH THE DOGS!

And I do.

6 thoughts on “Eddie’s DNA”

  1. That 1% Peke has a lot to do with the authoritarian management of his human! Trust me, my parents were involved in breeding and showing Pekes. There is an old saying: ‘ You have to say ‘please’ to a Pekingese!’ A charming little rascal has really found his purpose in life!

    1. Gae! I was just thinking about you!! Please follow me back to the old address; this site will go poof in 7 days.

      1. Will do! Apart from a nasty lower back problem, I am keeping on, keeping on, and the family longevity genes haven’t let me down yet, not too bad for 80! Well supervised by the current Italian Greyhound of course, he is spoiled rotten because I have decided that he is my last dog, and I haven’t been without a dog in my life since I was 7!

  2. I’m glad for his clock gene! would have paid cash money for that in my cats back in the corporate days.
    Shih whatevs, he’s adorable.

  3. Exciting news about Eddie, those DNA tests are great. Glad you have such a good dog that appreciates you and gets you to stop work at an appropriate time. When I adopted my cat the humane society told me he was 4ish but the vet and my gut instinct said no way – we assume he was approximately 2 and totally nuts but a wonderful kitty. Always good to see your posts.

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