Ellie Update Update.

She’s doing a lot better. Days without barfing, runny poop seems to be firming, and she’s nearly forgiven me for the trauma of the vet visit. I gave up on the metronidazole, because she was NOT HAVING IT!

It is, and I am not kidding, “tutti frutti flavored.” For a CAT? After a wrestling match where she actually tried to bite my thumb when I got that nasty sugary shit near her mouth I conceded, because I couldn’t argue, that’s just disgusting, and was probably unnecessary.

She’s getting back to her normal self. She’s not crazy about the new food, but she’ll grudgingly eat it when she’s hungry enough. Welcome to being a senior cat, girlfriend. We do what we have to do.

2 thoughts on “Ellie Update Update.”

  1. I am with you on the flavors they make medications! Obviously someone who has NEVER owned a cat, they sent some home for Jack (no longer with us) that was bubble gum flavored, the smell alone put me off and he just would NOT take it. Glad that Ellie is doing better, give her a big hug from Montana!!

    1. I believe it’s amoxicillin that is bubble gum flavored. My beloved Murphy actually developed a taste for it over the years and took it without complaint, but he was a dog with a taste for people food. I actually got his through the human pharmacy because it was free if I picked it up there. He was also on something incredibly nasty that was allegedly “chicken flavored” – chickens raised in hell, maybe. I don’t know why animal meds are so pricey, yet so inappropriately flavored.

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