Gearing Up for May.

First, EPCOT was lovely while it lasted. I didn’t find the Orange Bird vase, CMs said they’re out everywhere. Oh well.

The flowers were freaking fantastic!

This is the butterfly tent. My phone wasn’t up to capturing the hundreds (thousands?) of butterflies fluttering among those spectacular flowers.
This was a playground for previous festivals. This year’s festival is “A Taste of…” and is scaled back, except for the flowers and lovely “relaxation areas” like this. Comfy chairs, umbrellas, and all those flowers. I knew if I sat down I’d never stand up.

It was a short visit. My ankle held up okay, but I decided not to push it. I’ve been to Flower and Garden several times, the scaled back is still a lot of fun, but I didn’t feel a need to limp for the rest of the week. I left mid-afternoon, feeling like I’d had a nice time in the fresh air. One of the benefits of living nearby and having a pass is you can use the Disney parks as PARKS – walk around, eat a bite, and know the restrooms will be clean.

So, tomorrow is May, and I have shit to do. My workplace (not my employer) is apparently going to pilot some half-assed part-time in the office program. I’m not going to say that management is flailing, trying to find a way to use the millions of dollars of real estate they’ve purchased, but….

So I’m on record as being sick of my home office and I’m fully vaccinated (two weeks out as of today, whee!) so yeah, I’ll go sit there for two days a week this summer.

It’s exceptionally stupid. We’ve been working 100% from home for over a year without any impact on getting the work done. Our manager agrees it’s pointless, but was basically begging for volunteers because corporate wants this, so I was like, what the hell, it’ll be good for Gidget to spend some time alone two days a week. She needs to get readjusted to normal life eventually.

Meanwhile, I seriously have to address my COVID pounds because I’ll have to fit into the clothes I already own this summer. I have to get my shit together. And speaking of shit…

Sophie had an explosive day today. She had diarrhea half a dozen times. Bless her little heart, she put it all on the giant potty pads in my master bath area. It took skill. But by the THIRD time before my work day was done, I was seriously wondering where we go from here. Then I took her out and she unloaded some more.

She’s still alert, she still eats, she doesn’t seem to be in pain, but seriously, Holy Shit. She’s a 12-ish pound dog on her heaviest day, and the medication isn’t doing, well, jack shit. She pooped more than she ate today.

I’m just letting her lead for now. I’m not going to do any more expensive testing/fishing expeditions; we’ve been at this for years and I could have bought all new furniture for what I’ve spent without an effective treatment plan. As long as she’s comfortable and still asking for treats I’ll deal, but I don’t feel like I’m doing her any favors at this point. She’s blind, confused, uncomfortable, her only joy is treats. She still can bounce with surprising energy for a treat, but that’s about 15 minutes out of every 24 hours. When that stops, we’ll know.

Tomorrow’s mission: take a load of stuff to charity. Maybe get help to take the 6 ft. cat bed down to the garage so I can offer it up for free to a good home. Then I will actually have room in this room to decide what arrangement will work best for my either 100% or 60% home office. I’m on a minimalist-ish mission: I’ll never be a hardcore minimalist, but damn, I have way too much stuff.

One thought on “Gearing Up for May.”

  1. I’m so sorry about Sophie. sounds like you’re both doing the best you can in the circumstances.
    I hear you about getting rid of stuff. Having to clear stuff going back to the 40s from mom’s house has totally shifted my relationship to THINGS. Am making mental lists of things to purge when I get back home. The gardens look lovely. Sounds like a sanity saver, frankly.

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