Hi! Still Alive!

Determined not to write a negative epic, though I have several stored up.

I got my hair cut again today, first time since early June. Great stylist did a perfectly balanced really short cut, so I’ll probably not see her until September, or maybe October. I’m liking the way the gray is growing in. My neighbor said it actually makes me look younger? I have doubts. But I’m getting more comfortable with it.

I chatted online with the co-worker who egged me on to let my gray fly, and she said, and I quote: “Oh, I got tired of mine and got highlights!”

I hooted, and told my stylist, and we howled. I might get tired of the gray, but I’m not tired yet. My coworker is about 15 years younger than me, so I get that. I’m now 62 (?!!) and ready to own my gray.

The Warby Parker glasses are great as a backup pair, and I swear tomorrow I’ll wear them all day to evaluate how they did with my challenging prescription, because they are damn cute. I’m voting by mail (but dropping it off in person) because seriously, the pic on my drivers license renewed by mail is barely me: shoulder length brown hair, no glasses, vs. short gray hair and glasses, would the poll workers even accept me as me at the same address? The picture is 10 years old and I barely recognize me.

Dogs are fine, Cat is fine, we are all still hanging in. Sophie is snoring like a grizzly behind my chair, so I think it’s time to set up the coffee and call it a day.

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