Household Hints Time!

Yeah, because I’m all about that shit.

My daughter, whose furniture is old and beat up as my own, texted me the other day to rave about a furniture polish she read about on Buzzfeed.

If you know us at all, we are totally not women who rave about, or even think about, furniture polish. I mean, yeah, we’d like our houses to look nice, but as we have busy jobs and try to have lives, and Cinderella’s helpful mice and birds never drop by, we just muddle through.

So, yeah, she raved about furniture polish, and I of course had to try it, because any cleaning product that gets either of us excited is a rare thing indeed.

This Feed-N-Wax stuff is the bomb. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my end tables are a freaking disgrace, but as I’ve also mentioned before, if it isn’t shooting sparks, leaking, or covered in mold like the balcony carpet, it’s on the back burner. On her recommendation, I ordered it.

This is the before picture of my cheap old end table. None of that stuff on the surface brushes off; it’s all dings and finish damage.

This is the after. The lighting is different. The before was taken after I’d removed the lamps to start polishing, so the dings and stains were softened a bit. This is how it looks now, under bright light.

No, it’s not a miracle cure that restored the surface like new, you can still see damage, but damn, I’ve used a lot of stuff on these tables over the years, and this has actually minimized the damage to the point where I can live with them a while longer. I’m thinking a couple of more applications may restore them even more.

And this concludes my household hint for 2020.

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