How 2021 Is Going So Far:

My bandaging skills have improved a lot since this first attempt.

The good news: my new knives are very, very sharp. I was chopping an onion for my black eyed peas on New Year’s Day and the onion slipped just a bit, and, wow, did my finger ever bleed. I have spared you a photo of the bathroom trash can’s contents, which was half full of bloody paper towels. I was seriously worried I’d have to go to urgent care to get a stitch or two, but eventually the bleeding slowed and I was able to bandage it one-handed. Thank God I had surgical tape and gauze instead of just bandaids, because I really, really don’t want to go near an urgent care or emergency room right now. My finger would have to be falling off. But I’m good at wound care, so it’s doing fine.

The bad news: my knitting and blogging will be curtailed for the next few days.

I never did find the recipe for the fab black eyed peas and collards I made last year. The recipe I used was just meh. Not even worth saving for leftovers. So today I’m giving myself a do-over with black eyed pea masala and sauteed collards, because collards were BOGO at Publix and I have another bag to use. If this recipe is a success, I will note it in my bullet journal, because I have learned my lesson.

More when I can type with all my fingers again.

One thought on “How 2021 Is Going So Far:”

  1. Eeeep. and also, owie. I’m so sorry your knife turned on you. hope your finger heals well and quickly.
    Publix had black eyed peas for 99 cents so I had to buy some. Might try your recipe on stovetop with whatever spices are to hand plus baby kale (also to hand). Sigh. Still waiting for all the wonders of 2021 to arrive, ovah here. Nice weather down here, at least!

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