How was your Monday?

Mine was an unexpected shitstorm, and I mean this literally.

I am mourning the loss of Rosie, my (inexpensive, thank God) robot vacuum.

I did my pre-Rosie picking up and launched her this morning, then was in my office for the next couple of hours. I walked down the hall and smelled a faint…odor…it smelled like…OH… FUCK… NOOOO!

Yep. Though Gidget had walked and pooped at O-Dark-Thirty, she had made use of her emergency spot in my bathroom at some point while Mommy was in a long meeting. I leave potty pads for her in the master bath area for just this purpose, and she faithfully puts her occasional small deposits in only that location. I didn’t know she had, I’d been in a long meeting as part of the job I cannot leave behind yet.

Rosie…found it. It was…very fresh. Yeah.

There are tons of Tik-Tok videos of dogs in trouble with their moms and horror stories of poop spread throughout the house. This, fortunately, was not that dire. I don’t have carpet and the only victim was Rosie.

Rosie didn’t just pass through it. She obviously did her best to clean it all up. One very small poo went in circles around the bathroom, but I have hard floors so cleanup wasn’t a big deal. Cleaning Rosie? Something I’ll have to think about. Is it worth it? She’s going to sit on the balcony until I have the mental energy to decide. Because that’s going to be a lot of work.

The new job will be good, I think, once I get it all together in my head. What I did before was very, very different, though in the same company. But the money is way better, and after things settle down in a few weeks, I think I’ll like it.

So, that was an interesting start to the week. Hoping to talk about non-shitty things soon.

3 thoughts on “How was your Monday?”

  1. Not my robot vacuum but I would definitely dispose of the thing. I know they are expensive but do you really want to deal with that? Good luck!

    1. This was a cheap one, under $150, and while it was handy and I did like using it, I think I’m back to doing my own vacuuming. I don’t think it can be saved. It’s not just poop on the wheels or the brush, it’s up in the inner works. It was still running when I found it, but it wasn’t moving.

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