How’s It Going?

I think he’s settling in nicely. Gidget is getting an overdue grooming tomorrow morning, so this weekend I may recreate this shot as an after, when they will look even more similar.

For those who may have stumbled across this blog backwater somehow, the dog on the right is Gidget. I adopted her nearly 4 years ago (Nov. 2019) and she was approximately 4, but that may have been an underestimate. Her background is somewhat known; she came from an elderly woman who was going into a nursing home and had around 10 dogs, most of them were related. A small hoarding situation. She was described as a Yorkie/Long-Haired Chihuahua with a touch of Schnauzer. I believe the first two, no idea about the 3rd, and her age is also ambiguous. She’s at least 8, and may be 10. She has bad teeth and that may be age, but could also be just being a Chorkie. Bad teeth run in both breeds; Murphy had regular vet visits and premium food and his teeth went to shit early.

Eddie, who moved in late Sunday afternoon, is supposed to be a Shih Tzu, and approximately 4. I do not believe this. He’s definitely younger than 4. He has a puppyish joie de vivre and a puppy energy as well as lovely white teeth. He was found on the street as an overgrown mass of matted hair and sores, no microchip and not neutered, so no way did he ever get dental care. Those are barely out of puppyhood teeth. I have declared him 3, and I’ll go with that.

He thinks he’s in heaven now with the food and walkies and toys, and he has definitely had training, he’s polite and obedient, so I think something unfortunate happened in his original family. We will never know the story, but I’m guessing 3 at the outside, and possibly 2.

I have questions. I wish I could splurge on DNA testing, but that’s not in the cards for a while.

He’s slept in the big bed with Gidget and me since the first night, and Ellie has started to join us. I have been incredibly lucky with adopted dogs, and Eddie is no exception. He arrived Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday he was settled in.

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Your doggies are so cute. Glad that Ellie has decided to join the puppy party.

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