I Am a Crazy Succulent Lady.

Why, yes, I am losing my mind at this point. I’ve been working from home going on a year now, I have no other life to speak of, and I’ve become obsessed with my succulents. My daughter bought me cute little owl planters and a few starter plants for Christmas. I’m not good with plants. I have a pothos on my kitchen bar area, it is the only plant I’ve actually kept alive for any period of time*, but otherwise, plants in my care don’t have a great life expectancy.

*I actually nearly killed it. I knew it was horribly pot bound, but managed to ignore its woes. While I was becoming obsessed with succulents I realized it needed repotting, and DAMN, is it ever grateful. It is sprouting new leaves daily.

So, my daughter gave me a few starter plants with these adorable little pots, but couldn’t find enough tiny succulents at Home Depot for all six pots. I discovered that you can buy succulents on Etsy! I had no idea they had live plants. Some of the succulents are super expensive, but I bought a small pack of teeny, tiny cuttings from Queen of Succulents, figuring if half of them made it, I’d be set for plants, right? I bought a small rectangular planter to use as a succulent nursery, and a bag of cactus/succulent potting soil. I followed the advice from Queen of Succulents, and figured hey, if half of them survived it was money well spent.

They’re all alive and thriving.

After a lifetime of haphazardly murdering innocent plants, I’ve found succulents. I like them, and they like me.

By now I was becoming obsessed, and still had two empty owls that needed plants, so I found another Etsy shop with a good price on a string of pearls and a string of dolphins.

Unfortunately, the string of pearls broke as I tried to pot it. I took the broken bit and stuck it in an owl, to see if it would survive. It has.


The original String of Pearls is thriving.

The String of Dolphins (look at the leaves, they really do look like leaping dolphins!) took off like wildfire, and it is now in a Tinkerbell mug. I’m going to have to figure out a hanging plant situation soon. Plant parenting is complicated.

So I had to buy more pots. Some of the original owl plants are crowded and need more room to grow, and some of the wee babies are ready for an owl.

Apparently succulents are my thing. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “I Am a Crazy Succulent Lady.”

  1. Yay!! Doesn’t it feel great to succeed at growing plants! I am abysmal myself. Tho you do make growing succulents very appealing. And those cute planters… hmmm….
    P.S. Always enjoy your blog and your take on life (ahem), even tho I rarely comment. Glad you are still writing as the spirit moves you.

    1. I truly recommend succulents! There are so MANY varieties, I can see this becoming an addiction, like I need another. I’m limited by the light options in my condo. I love my home because it doesn’t get a ton of direct sunlight, because in Florida, that’s not a benefit. I get early morning and late afternoon sun, and so far, the succulents are loving life near my bedroom window, getting a few hours of filtered sunlight each day. I’m going to have to repot a few this weekend.

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