I Bought a Thing.

Background: I have a large cat with hairy paws. She is a lovely cat indeed, so pretty, so sweet, so cuddly, so well behaved in general except for her weird paper chewing fetish. A fine cat indeed.

Except she has these damn hairy paws, no doubt from her Maine Coon ancestors. So for years I’ve lived with the experience of walking barefoot through crumbs of cat litter, and of course HAIR EVERYWHERE.

The other day, I’d just HAD IT. I was drinking coffee in the living room, as the sun rose, and illuminated the layer of cat hair and tracked litter every-fucking-where. I’d been talking about getting a robot vacuum, but was put off by the cost. But honestly, though I work at home, I legit work all freaking day and then some. I am in my home office working. I don’t pop up to do a bit of vacuuming in my “free time.” It gets gross fast.

I opened Amazon, and said fuck it: I bought a robot vacuum. $200 and a $50 off coupon, and over 40K reviews? I was in!

It had to charge for a bit, but I sent it on its maiden voyage this morning. I’m loving it. We’ll see how it holds up, but it was crazy easy to set up and run.

Gidget, surprisingly, is amused and unafraid. It came right at her earlier and she just stepped out of the way, looking at it with mild curiosity. Ellie is appalled and wants nothing to do with it. She sits on my bed, or on a table, watching it with horror.

As she’s the reason Rosie (named after the Jetsons’ robot) is now living with us, she can just damn well adjust. She’s here because of YOU, Ellie. Get over it.

Rosie has only been with us for a day, so I’ll update periodically about how she works in our household, but so far, I’m very pleased. It’s not a high end robot, but it’s doing what I needed, patrolling for cat hair and cat litter. And I was thrilled to see that it could go under the TV stand AND under the old giant ottoman, where all the dirt gathers. I’m fond of Rosie already.

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