I FINALLY Made it to the Festival of the Arts.

God, February has been a slog. Work is insane, I don’t have time to take care of any of my personal business. I did manage to line up the toilet and garbage disposal replacements; that’s happening on Tuesday. Homeowners’ insurance on the “investment property” is still unaddressed. I have got to deal with that. Taxes aren’t done. I still don’t have a window replacement figured out, and storm season will be here soon.

And the weather has been shitty EVERY weekend. Weekdays were gorgeous and sunny and perfect, while I was chained to my desk. Every weekend for the last three weeks it was cold (legit cold, not just Florida Whiny Cold) damp and shitty.

I made a reservation for Epcot, and this time the weather cooperated. It started gray and dreary, but not cold or raining, and the sun did come out. It was the last weekend of FArts, so it was very busy. I wasn’t there for the rides, and none of the food booths were a Must Do either and the lines were insane. I just walked around the World Showcase looking at art.

And I found a new-to-me artist, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking my way around the World or I might have spent a car payment. I did buy this:

This is Merida, as painted by Heather Edwards.

For you non-Disnerds, Merida is the fiercely independent Scottish princess in Brave. She does not look like this in Pixar animation, in the movie she’s a Pixar cute cartoon. That’s why this just blew me away – she captured Merida and turned her into an actual living girl, wild hair, pointy little nose and all. Heather Edwards was there signing prints and told me that the first time she sold this painting at a fantasy con, a guy went crazy for it and said she’d captured her hair perfectly. He was the guy who did Merida’s hair for the Pixar movie.

And I’m already kicking myself for not buying this print too:

Wendy, sewing Peter’s shadow.

All of her art was I MUST HAVE for me – I didn’t get a shot of her Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti. It was so sweet, they looked like the characters but also like real dogs.

I wish I could be a rich grandma and create a guest room in my big (fantasy) house, and decorate it with lovely Disney themed art like this. Unfortunately, right now a $45 after my discount print was as much as I really could spare.

I’m taking Wednesday afternoon off to catch up on life shit. The plumbers are booked, they’ll be here on Tuesday to replace the 40+ year old toilets and the dead garbage disposal and the crusty old shower head. I’ll attempt to work through that, I don’t have too many online meetings.

Wednesday afternoon is for me. I need to figure out what to do about the homeowners’ insurance – I’m resigned to having to replace that fucking roof to get coverage, when I’d much rather put money into windows and plumbing there too. I have one window replacement company lined up, but I need to get a couple of other quotes and also figure out what our dipshit condo board does about this. Because when the windows get changed the paint will have to be touched up, and I have NO idea how that gets done.

Work has been too insane to even make a phone call or two to catch up on this stuff.

I really need to win the lottery.

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