I Need a Reset.

Nothing about windows or Disney or my job here, just life stuff.

At some point in the last few months I came across a motivational speaker named Mel Robbins (no relation to Tony). She has a couple of podcasts on Audible, she’s on YouTube, she has written books, and I like her a lot.

This is a very unusual thing for me, because I normally have a visceral dislike of “motivational speakers” as a species. I blame this on my real estate development past; many years ago I worked for a builder that “treated” us to a day of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, et al.

It creeped me out to see an arena full of grown-ass adults jumping up and shouting motivational “salesy” phrases on command. It was mortifying just to watch; no way in hell could I fake that shit. I claimed a sudden headache and left after an hour. The headache was real. So it’s safe to say I don’t do motivational speakers.

I’m not sure what caused me to try one of Mel Robbins’ podcasts on Audible, but I’m glad I did. She’s different. She delivers practical, motivational ass-kicking, not about sales or business but about life in general.

I’ll tell on myself here: over the last couple of years my world shrank, not just from Covid, but from mild depression. Waves hands at everything. Little by little, my hobbies got set aside, my ass expanded, I went from feeling younger than my age to feeling even older than I am. I want to get my shit together, and I’m not going back to “normal” without putting in some work.

I’ve rejoined WW, where I was depressed to see that it had saved my weight since 2020 and I wasn’t imagining that I was over 12 lbs heavier. I discovered ashwagandha last year and it really works to balance my mood, but I need a plan and a friendly ass-kicking to develop habits in line with my goals.

So I was noodling around on my phone this week and Mel Robbins popped up on Facebook Live talking about a quick free program she’s offering next week: Spring Reset. And I listened to her and then signed up and downloaded the accompanying pdf, and I’m looking forward to it because damn, I need a reset. The timing is perfect. Serendipity.

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  1. Good luck on your self renewal! We all need a reset now that we seem to be on the other side of this. I’m not above giving the side eye to the current statistics on COVID stats for this state, but… ::fingers crossed::


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