I Spent Some Money on Amazon Prime Day.

I’ve been contemplating a new coffeemaker for a while. I had been using a very basic Mr. Coffee, but it didn’t hold up well. It got loud and spluttery and the coffee wasn’t all that hot. I also waste a lot of coffee, because I don’t drink coffee all day and that pot wasn’t good about keeping it warm anyway, I’d end up throwing out at least a portion of whatever amount I’d brewed.

I’ve had a Keurig in the past (like, over a decade ago) and after it finally died I went back to a regular coffeemaker, because it was cheaper. Lately I’d been thinking of getting another one, after using the basic single serve version in the room during our Animal Kingdom Lodge weekend.

I’d been comparing versions online, because now there’s a zillion variations, and had settled on this one. Yesterday morning it popped up on Prime Day for over 50% off! That made it a no-brainer. I used it for the first time this morning and the coffee was actually hotter than my old Mr. Coffee’s output. It takes up very little of my limited counter space too.

I’m sharing this just in case any of my many tens of readers have been considering a Keurig, because that really is a deal and it’s still available today.

Disclosure: I’m an Amazon Associate, so if anyone buys anything I’ve shared I get a small commission. (Obviously I’m really bad at this and will never be an influencer.) Anyway it’s a great price and I’m very happy with it.

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