Ian Update

It’s after 7:30 PM on Wednesday, and I still have power and internet! Wheee!

I just jinxed myself, I’m sure. Ian isn’t here yet, he’s crawling his lazy destructive ass up through the state and we are just getting the outer bands at this point. Even the outer bands have been loud and very, very rainy. It will of course get really bad when I should be sleeping, local forecast is that the strongest winds will hit at 1 am, because of course they will.

I’m running the AC at 72, which is much cooler than usual, to preserve what cool air I can after we do lose power. I have flashlights/small but very bright lanterns stationed in useful places. I have charged all of my devices and the small portable chargers I carry to Disney, I have enough boring survival food (tuna, crackers, apples, cheese) to get through the next day or so, and this is supposed to move through by Friday.

My phone just alerted that Ian has weakened to a Category 3. Oh, how lovely. I’ve never done more than a Cat 1 here, and believe me, that was plenty of scary and uncomfortable, so let’s hope that over the next five or so hours it continues to weaken before it visits Chez Bossydog.

I’m sick about the images from Fort Myers Beach, with 6+ feet of storm surge churning down Estero Blvd. Cleanup is going to be massive throughout the state, but you don’t have to worry too much about me, the most I should suffer should be being sleepless and miserable. I won’t lie; it’s very loud and very scary, but I live where the coasts evacuate TO, we are the safe place.

Gidget is fine so far, but very confused by Mommy’s declaration of Storm Amnesty. Even these outer bands are too strong to try to walk her outside, so we have potty pads. She uses them for pee but apparently feels it’s gross to poop on them too, so she poops BESIDE them (on the easy to clean floor). We have discussed this many times, but I continue to be wrong . She doesn’t like pooping on the floor and will only do it under duress and if she can sneak off and not be noticed, so I’m listening to the wind and rain and ignoring the dainty warning farts from the office dog bed. Eventually she will “sneak” off and poop beside the potty pad. We do what we must in these conditions.

I’ll probably go dark in the night, I’ll be back when civilization returns – 48 hours, a week, WTF knows?

5 thoughts on “Ian Update”

  1. Not to sure what to say. Hope you don’t suffer too much?? We talked with our friend in St. Pete he sounded well, still had power, hasn’t returned to his house (if it is there). His dog and cat are coping. Seeing the videos, etc. was disturbing, not too sure how the rebuilding will go. Of course there are many candidates for “Darwin awards” but you can probably judge my thoughts about them. Only been through two relatively minor hurricanes and don’t really want to go through more. All the best!!

  2. Thanks for the update! Been obsessively checking Ian updates all evening hoping it will stay well south if you. Praying you keep power.

  3. Dang, this is a bad MF storm. You are in for an uncomfortable night, for sure. I hope it wont be a miserable week to follow. Will be thinking about you and hoping for the best.

  4. Yikes– it all sounds pretty bad to me up here in Virginia!! Keeping my fingers crossed that there is little damage and if there is a power outage, it won’t last too long. Thank goodness for pee pads and easy-to-clean floors! Sending good thoughts that you all stay safe down there!

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