I’m Almost Back! Welcome to the Office.

Now you see why the old futon, aka the 6 ft. cat bed, had to go.

Two desks, three monitors, one work laptop, one wee MacBook. (Only the small cheap monitor and little ole Mac are mine.) Seriously, this is a lot of stuff.

The work stuff is on the big desk, and I no longer fear I’ll dump food or tea because I had less than three inches of spare space. I now have more elbow room, and I could even make a corner desk arrangement if I wanted to, but right now I’m keeping about two feet of Separation of Work and Life. I will not let The Job take over that way.

The new desk was delivered on time by a very nice burly Amazon guy who carried the box in for me. Easy assembly and big enough for two 24″ monitors, a large laptop, a work bullet journal and a water bottle/cup of tea/snack. I can totally endorse this cheap desk option, and it would also work as any sort of work/craft table too, which is why I had no qualms about buying a second one.

I’m an Amazon Associate, so if you purchase anything through my link, I get a small commission. (I only share links to things I like and use and am very happy with, if it was just eh, or I returned it, I don’t link to the losers.)

I needed that extra room, believe me – the last few weeks since the “work from home bundle” arrived from the Job have been awkward. When all I had was a company provided single monitor and the work laptop, I could unplug the work laptop and swap it for the wee Mac at the end of the work day. Add a second monitor and a dock that only works with the work laptop, and yeah, I had no way to use my own computer without performing ridiculous IT shit every day. I lost my desk.

I could sit at the dining room table to do a few things, but the battery is getting old and it really needs to be plugged in all the time now. I’ll deal with replacing it in 2022, maybe, because it is elderly.

So my latest excuse for blog silence is over, and I swear I’ll be around a lot more.

In other news, Ellie has had some sort of relapse. Suddenly the diarrhea is back, dammit! We’d had weeks of a happy, energetic and healthy cat, and I dared think that the diet change was the answer. Apparently not.

In far happier news, my daughter and granddaughter have had their COVID booster and first shot, respectively, and I’m getting my booster on Friday.

The job is insane and my eyes are tired, and I worked all day, assembled and moved a desk, then played IT geek and moved a lot of shit around. I’m tired, y’all. But, other than the cat’s unexpected relapse, it’s all good.

4 thoughts on “I’m Almost Back! Welcome to the Office.”

    1. She’s back to normal! I have no idea what caused the temporary relapse, but so far the new food appears to be working.

  1. Looks great, bet you are happy to have a functioning arrangement! So sorry about Ellie. Curious do you use any type of flea preventative, that could cause some of her problems.

    1. She’s not on flea preventative as she’s a strictly indoor cat who lives in a second floor condo. She has no parasites, we checked for everything in the $460 testing splurge a month ago. She just has a delicate stomach in her senior years.

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