I’m AWOL, so here’s a picture of Gidget

I bought new bed pillows, long overdue, and tossed the old ones onto the couch temporarily. Gidget claimed them immediately. I need new, Gidget approved throw pillows, because bed pillows and three animals on the couch means there’s no room for ME.

My new job is…challenging, like being thrown into the ocean during a major hurricane is…challenging. I’ll surface soon, or drown, or run away screaming. (I threatened that today, and was only half kidding.) I come home too tired to string together sentences.

So I have a plan for February: I will grab the wee MacBook when I wake up and write while I’m becoming fully caffeinated. I do have plans, and ideas, and things, and a purpose for this blog and maybe another, Disney-focused blog is sort of taking shape. Because I REALLY need a damn escape plan.

My poor Sophie really is losing her sight. We finally get her unfortunate intestinal condition under control (Oh fuck, I just said that out loud, didn’t I?) and now, cataracts. She stumbles on the stairs – I have to watch her as she’s going down – she wears a padded harness so when she misses a step it’s like “Whee! Peter Pan!” and I hold her up a bit so she doesn’t crash. She’s taking it in stride, but it makes me so sad. She’ll be 11 in April, and that seems a bit young for this.

Everybody’s fine; I’m just really, really tired.

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