I’m freaking out about Ida.

Because there but for the grace of random weather patterns goes Florida. I am not feeling “Whew! Thank GOD it’s not going to hit Florida!!” Because I know it could be us, another time, another path.

This is going to be bad, bad, Katrina bad, with pandemic frosting piled high on top.

In other news: I am now at my last three days of my 30 days off. Back to work on Wednesday, which should be interesting. I’m considering ending my month off as I began, with a short trip to Animal Kingdom. The baby gorilla has a name: She is Ada. (Pronounced AH-da) I’ll decide tomorrow if I want to do it, but I’m kind of craving lunch at Flame Tree Barbeque. I haven’t been there in a couple of years, and they do mobile ordering. Mobile ordering at quick service restaurants is one of the best things Disney has added ever. You pick your time, order your food, you get a text when it’s ready. Flame Tree is outdoor seating, but it’s a huge tiered deck area along the water, and so peaceful.

Tuesday, the appraiser will breeze through for a 15 minute visit to make sure I haven’t trashed the interior of this condo. My ballpark figure I gave them for property value was $40K lower than reality, and again, tons of equity, so the appraisal won’t change anything, it’s just required. He’ll have done 90% of the appraisal already, and just needs to be sure I didn’t remove the kitchen or turn the second bathroom into a ritual altar, or some crazy shit. I actually love the appraisal process, but this one is a yawn.

Tuesday Gidget will also visit her stylist to get a new ‘do. I, unfortunately, will look unkempt until September 20th. My stylist had the nerve to have a baby, without thinking about MY needs!

She’s already back at work two days a week, but when I called the salon, the (new, and Bless Her Heart) receptionist struggled to spell my name, then was confused by the calendar, and, yeah. Nearly a month more shaggy mess, but that’s okay, I’m still working at home.

And really, all of this is trivial, privileged bullshit, because there are so many awful things going on, and poor Louisiana is about to go through hell, again.

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