I’m Officially on My Break

And not a moment too soon. I’m going to sit down with my planner and make a list of all the things I want to get done over the next 30 days. This definitely includes losing 10 lbs. Seriously, nothing fits.

Today’s agenda is simply cleaning and planning. I have a long list of mostly small things I’ve been putting off for months, because I simply didn’t have the mental energy to deal with them, plus a few bigger things, like a blog makeover.

The name will stay the same, of course, bossylittledog has been my online home for nearly two decades now, though I’m now on my third bossy dog.

Gidget is doing very well as an only dog. I was wondering how she’d cope, since she’s always been part of a pack, but she’s quite content to have mommy all to herself, except for the cat, and cats don’t really count.

I need to add pages to this site, update the appearance, generally bring it into this decade.

But this weekend is about decompressing from the stress of the last many months, listening to an audiobook, and cleaning out the fridge. Whoo, do I ever know how to have a good time!

One thought on “I’m Officially on My Break”

  1. Wishing you a month full of awesome decompressing! Even though it’s a forced break, it sounds like one that’s going to good for you.

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