I’m Sick of Adulting. I’m Going to the Festival of the Arts.

So, much life stuff is happening. I am finally, belatedly (a year overdue) getting new glasses from my favorite magenta-haired eye doctor. Seriously, I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, I had retina damage (now healed) after my brain aneurysm, so much drama, and until I found this doctor I had no idea WTF the doctors were doing while staring into my eyes.

She does a running explanation while looking at your retinas, “There’s stuff on the back we can’t see unless we dilate and shine a bright light,” and then mixes the directions “look up to the left” etc, with “Looks good,” and also explained the changes in my prescription: my close vision is worse because my distance vision is actually slightly better. She showed me the images, explained. My eyes are healthy, my baby cataracts are no worse, all cheerfully explained in plain English in a few minutes. I want to clone this woman for every medical specialty. She’s the best, most concise “explainer” doctor ever.

She’s the same doctor who looked at me like I was insane when I asked about computer glasses: “Nobody told you we can just adjust your progressives?” No, nobody had. I’ve had the best glasses ever since I found her.

So I bought a new everyday pair from Lenscrafters (she works for the associated practice) and then picked new try-on frames for a backup pair from Warby Parker, because I’m blind AF and if God forbid my everyday glasses got broken, I’d be unable to function at all.

I also have a fresh haircut and found the perfect shade of hair color am feeling somewhat reborn.

The weather was glorious this week, while I was chained to my desk – cloudless skies, not too cold, not too hot, just Florida Perfection.

This weekend is gray and damp and dreary, but at least tolerably warmer. Unless it takes an ugly turn overnight, I plan to hit FARTS tomorrow. The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is one of the shorter duration festivals, compared to Food and Wine and Flower and Garden and the Holiday Season, but it’s a really lovely way to spend an afternoon. There are tons of artists’ booths around the World Showcase with all sorts of Disney themed (and not) arts. Some of it is playroom cute stuff, but other things are really elegant, classic Disney suitable for grownups. It’s fun to browse.

And there are food booths, musicians, it’s just a great way to get the fuck out of my home office/insane work life and pretend I’m on vacation for a few hours.

Next weekend we plan to hit Magic Kingdom for the first time in forever. It sustains me.

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  1. I need to really to take on Deland and its art scene. Cassadaga. Abraxas Bioks in Daytona. And just put lots more miles on the Spyder.

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