I’m SO incredibly grateful it’s FRIDAY.

Damn, what a week. “Short weeks” are the worst, IMHO.

I’m still annoyed that I have to take my 30 days off during freaking AUGUST, the worst month (actually, storm-threat-wise, September is worse, but August is terrible too). But as I said, I’m getting excited about doing a Disney immersion month, come hell (heat) or high water (daily storms). Fingers crossed that I can keep the park reservations lined up to make it happen. I have IDEAS.

I need the 30 days off, seriously. I am stabby. I’m fantasizing about an (unpaid) month off, and Thank GAWD there will be Adult Supervision via the outside firm I work with; they will be looped in and should be able to keep things under control.

Because my place-where-I-work supervisor and my “helper” and I had a call today, and I think he gets it: We are in a Southern Situation called Bless Her Heart. She’s sweet, earnest, willing, but hasn’t learned a single damn thing about what we do in a year and a half. Bless Her Heart, she can’t be left to “manage” this for a month. And I know she doesn’t want to be left; she’s smart enough to know what she doesn’t know, and she’s been put in a position she’s just not qualified to do.

It’s not in her skill set, and she never should have been put into this situation. I don’t think my supervisor knows what to do about it either; he didn’t put here in this role. Long story, but if I ever see the guy who arranged this without asking me again, he’d better run like hell.

She has been on project calls for over a year now, and Bless Her Heart, she has learned NOTHING. She seems to think all I do is update a tracking spreadsheet for stuff she doesn’t really understand. She’s been “helping” with that and today I discovered she had two projects crossed on the spreadsheet I’d carefully labeled. I spotted it, undid it. Didn’t bring it up with her because I don’t have patience for the dithery defensiveness that follows. Again, this is not her fault, she shouldn’t have been assigned to this, but she’s not confident enough to say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I have no problem doing that, because pretending to understand never, ever ends well.

She demonstrated it on our call multiple times today, Bless Her Heart, and thank GAWD my supervisor gets it and he’s calling in adult supervision while I’m gone. Before I took this position it was apparently a hot mess nobody wanted. I still don’t want it, but it’s far less of a hot mess now, people are really happy with how it’s running, and I don’t want to have to untangle a fresh hot mess when I return.

But while I’m on my break, I’m going to put all of that out of my mind and go full immersion on my Disney project, because I’d like to turn that into a retirement gig, and the sooner I can retire, the better. Damn, I’m tired.

2 thoughts on “I’m SO incredibly grateful it’s FRIDAY.”

  1. I’m in a far from secure financial state (to put it mildly) and I really am very thankful for my job, though I gripe about it.

    I understand that Disney is not for everyone, that’s why I’m thinking ahead about how I’ll manage the Disney immersion stuff, because Disnerd that I am, there will be a lot of Disney content somewhere. I don’t want to put off people who don’t get high from the sights and smells of Main Street.

  2. I ended up with forced retirement at 55, let’s just say my boss was a harridan (truly terrible person) and so I left! I was/am lucky to have a great husband but that was so hard ($$-wise and I loved my job), oh well! Enjoy your time off and just relax. Disney would be my very last choice but I can understand. Try hard not to think about “bless her heart” she might be in capable hands?

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