I’m Tired, Y’all.

I am fine until Thursday afternoon, when my soul hits the wall, sick of the job and hating life, having already spent 40 hours with my ass in front of that desk. I’d be fine with a 4 day work week. We’ve already proven that working from home hasn’t affected productivity, so let’s take the next step? The job remains joyless, but twice a month I have a satisfying thunk of fairly decent money into my account, and after years of barely in survival mode, that’s nice.

Random updates: It’s the first day of Fall, thank you Universe. We don’t do “fall” in Florida, but we do have a subtle shift in humidity and rain, and it’s staarrtiinngg! I could feel it! It was 91 today (I know, but it’s better than 97) but the humidity has backed off just a tad, and it really did feel so much better.

So, September is already nearly over. I haven’t been to my Happy Place in months! I have two – TWO – parks booked this weekend, Animal Kingdom on Saturday and Epcot on Sunday. Not sure if I’ll keep both, but I’m polite and will cancel if I change my mind. (Don’t book park reservations and not use them people, you don’t know whose expensive once in a lifetime vacation you are screwing over with your thoughtlessness.)

And then next weekend is: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or MNSSHP as we call it in the In Crowd. I’ve never done this before and I’m taking advantage of actually not living hand to mouth for now on splurges like this. I need to watch Hocus Pocus again so I’m refreshed on the Sanderson Sisters, as they are the stars of the party stage show. I am not wearing a costume because I am a grown-ass adult and too tired to put one together, but I do have a cute themed t-shirt, “Salem Apothecary” with a black cat on gray, because I’m a grown-ass adult but not a total party pooper. You don’t have to “dress up” for these parties, but the hardcore Disney fans love to wear themed outfits. I have that t-shirt and black shorts. That’s my costume. The Kid may dress up. We will eat festive treats and score tons of candy and watch shows and parades and ride rides, and it will be like a spa day for normal people, we will leave refreshed!

I’m so ready to retire. Less than 900 days now.

Back soon with actual content and photos and stuff.

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  1. You do sound exhausted, sorry it is so hard. Hope you are getting ready for the hurricane? It sounds like it could be a doozie. Our friend in Gulfport is leaving the coast and frankly he has never done this. He sounds worried. Best of luck.

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