Last Week Of Work Before the Big Month Off.

Dear God, I’m so ready. Maybe I can win the lottery before the end of August?

I have three Disney park reservations lined up; I did change the lineup because I’m not that all about Magic Kingdom. Heresy, I know, but I’m sure I’ll get there more than once in the next few months. Epcot Food and Wine is open already. They extended the season this year, so it opened in July and will close in I think November with barely a break to swap decor to roll into the holiday stuff, so I’ll hit that twice in one week, weather permitting.

Yes, yes, I am totally aware that the Delta variant is here and Florida is in freefall because our governor is a fucking moron who apparently thinks he still has a political future based on ignoring science and taking active measures to MAKE his constituents sick. People outside FL may not realize that he “won” last time by a teeny tiny less than half of one percent margin in a recount, so okie-dokie hon, that sounds like a solid strategy for reelection. Bless Your Heart.

I cannot even begin to express my rage about him, so all we can do here is try to live our lives around his bizarre combination of incompetence and fascism.

I’m fully vaccinated and absolutely will wear a mask in crowded spaces, but I’m really not planning to do much indoors at Disney, so I’m not overly concerned. I had been back in the parks before vaccines were available, taking precautions. It was no big deal, nobody passed out from wearing a mask. I will continue to be careful. I know every breakthrough case in a vaccinated person is being reported in the media, but the calmer voices still say the risk is very low if you are fully vaccinated, just be sensible and take precautions. I will.

If you are reading this and still not willing to get vaccinated, just fuck off. Seriously, I just don’t know what to say, and I’m not ready to hold anybody’s hand and coax them to be rational adults. There are good people out there working to get the “reluctant” vaccinated, convincing one dumbass at a time, but I am not that person. I am the person who is ready for public shaming of the unvaccinated:

Unless your ACTUAL doctor told you to your face that the vaccines are not okay for you for actual medical reasons, ( and that’s a very small portion of the population) just get your goddamn plague rat ass vaccinated. You aren’t just gambling your own life, you’re risking infecting people who can’t get vaccinated. Including, right now, everybody under 12. The un-vaccinated are the reason we have the Delta variant, and we still have fucking morons refusing because they watch Fox and get their news from Facebook groups and are just willfully, aggressively ignorant. I am done with these shitheads. Nicer, more patient souls than me can do the coaxing. I’m just sick of this shit. You are putting my grandchildren at risk, and I have no patience or understanding left.

(On a related note: Fox News should be drowned in litigation for spreading lies, day in and day out. They are backpedaling like crazy now, but too little too late.)

France is doing it right. Make getting the damn vaccine mandatory to be out in public. We have been at this for over a year, and we are still looking at it backward. If you don’t want the vaccine, that is totally your right. I hope you can work from home and get groceries delivered and arrange homeschooling for your kids, because the rest of us are ready to get our lives back and you are preventing this.

So, now that this rant is out of the way: I am taking my first real time off in three years, (contractor life) other than when I had the flu for about 5 days a couple of years ago. That was most definitely not a vacation. I can’t afford to travel, not that this is a good idea anyway. Ain’t no way I’m getting on a plane right now. So, yeah, visiting the NC grandkids won’t be happening even if I could afford it, because the South is a cesspool right now.

But I have a lot to do, besides going to Disney as much as possible, reservations and weather permitting. I am going to tackle the Purge. I’m going to go through my closets, the garage, all my random shit and the stuff that belonged to my mother that is just taking up space. No more “But I spent good money on that!” “But that’s my mother’s crystal!” She didn’t even use that shit. It just took up space.

I’m not entirely un-sentimental; family photos and my grandfather’s war medals (he was a WWI hero) and my mother’s junior high stuff from her hope chest are totally worth keeping. I’ve always been afraid she’d haunt me if I got rid of her hope chest, but I think if I kept the important contents I might be spared. I do have to figure out how to get into the slide out drawer at the bottom; I haven’t been able to find the tiny key for it. I have no idea what’s in there. Maybe it’ll be a huge envelope of money. Yeah, nope.

4 thoughts on “Last Week Of Work Before the Big Month Off.”

  1. Just a btw – The entire (anti vax) effort can be traced back to one person: Joseph Mercola. Dr. Mercola, 67, an osteopathic physician in Cape Coral, FL (of course)! And, I fairly sure this is correct. His website:

  2. Your “rant” is spot on! Montana has a very low vaccine rate and an extremely incompetent governor not to mention all the other government cronies that rode his shirttails. I wear my mask everywhere and even with the “looks” I still wear it. Why they don’t make the vaccine mandatory is beyond me. Enjoy your time off!!

  3. Giving you a virtual high five from TX where we have our own moronic governor and his equally moronic cohorts. Schools are starting to send out the never mind, back to virtual schooling memos, businesses are starting to put the masks mandatory signs again, all to the tune of the idiots beating their chests about their constitutional rights. Over it. This isn’t just a version of the flu, and the unvaccinated are puttting everyone at risk while they keep trumpeting herd immunity. You don’t want the vaccine, for whatever reason? Fine, totally your choice. Stay. Home. Your right to be unvaccinated doesn’t trump the rights of anyone else to not want to be around you.

    We have copies of our vaccine cards in our wallets, pulled masks out again, and are being mindful of what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with.

    Trying to motivate myself to do my own cleaning and purge of all the stuff that no longer fits, gets used, etc.

    And looking forward to your Disney adventures!

    1. Aw, thanks Karen! Fist bump from Florida! We will get through this, and God willing, flip our states blue.

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