Life Is Too Interesting, Yet Also Boring.

Full update tomorrow morning and also on Sunday, I swear.


My manager at the place where I work (I’m a contractor) told me my contract has been approved for renewal for another year, so yay!? I’m not crazy about the job, but I very, VERY much appreciate the paycheck. You have no idea how much. Then he dropped another bit of news my employer failed to communicate with me, EVEN WHEN I ASKED. This summer’s plans just got more interesting.

I’ll explain being a contractor in more detail when I’m not exhausted and am fully caffeinated, but it may have shaken me out of my vague “Things I’ll do someday,” procrastination about the future of this (or another) blog.

Sophie’s on her new, uber-expensive antibiotic from the compounding pharmacy, and I can’t really tell if it’s working yet. So far, so not so good. I’ve had to face that we are on the two week countdown on this. If it doesn’t show a real improvement in her condition over the next two weeks, there really isn’t much more we can do with her.

My work week was bonkers again, and thanks to Sophie I have been sleeping like a mom with a newborn, attuned to every “Eh,” noise. I have to get out of this cheap desk chair and move to the couch to watch something mindless and crochet a super easy and cute little backpack. The dancer approves of it, though I’ll wait until she sees the finished product before I spend money on yarn for one in studio colors. This one is a basic navy blue. I could use it for a small backpack for Disney, where I will be spending much more time. Oooh, foreshadowing….

Back in the morning with coffee.

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