Life is Utterly Exhausting.

Sorry for not updating everybody; I’m just brain-fried from work. In case I haven’t mentioned it in the last 20 minutes, I hate my job with the white hot heat of a million suns. It is both stupid and complicated, uninteresting and stressful.

First: Sophie has made a fine recovery from whatever it was that she suffered for days. She’s still not great, but she’s better, and at this point that may be as good as she’ll get.

I was not imagining how sick she was. In addition to the slasher movie spraying diarrhea attacks, she wasn’t eating much, she threw up a couple of times, her breathing was shallow and labored and she slept nearly all the time. She was still drinking water, so I decided not to call the vet right away. I have some suspicion that the vet’s well meaning attempt to wean her off the steroid onto a less harsh medication is what triggered the whole thing. We will have to talk about that. I know long term steroid use isn’t good, but every time we taper her off, she gets worse, to the point where “long term” thinking is probably not relevant. I would rather she have maybe a slightly shorter life with a better quality of life than keep making her sicker trying to make her better. She turns 12 this month, which feels “young” for a small breed, but the lifespan of a Boston Terrier is, depending on the reference, anywhere from 11-15 years.

But because she was so sick, I decided to skip goat yoga on Saturday. (Let’s just say the prospect of coming home to scrub dried diarrhea from louvered wood closet doors was horrifying enough to make me reconsider. I’d already done it twice last week.) My daughter and granddaughter went and had an absolutely wonderful time and want to do it again. I’ll definitely join them.

Tomorrow is a holiday at the place where I work. I don’t get paid holidays, but I’m so effing sick of everything to do with them, I don’t even care about a short paycheck. I need the three day weekend. I swear I will update for real this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Life is Utterly Exhausting.”

  1. Poor Sophie, but you are right, quality is more important than quantity!
    Took myself, yesterday, to our local medical centre, for the senior health review (every 2 years), and barely got into his consulting room, and the cheeky young man is practically waving a hypodermic at me – do I want a Covid jab? Is the Pope a Catholic? Ten hours later I felt as though I was coming down with the flu – body aches, chills, headache, not pleasant, but reassuring! Tired and a bit dopey today, but beats the hell out of catching the real deal! Flu vaccine in two weeks time, and then a gap to the second Covid shot!

  2. So happy that Sophie has improved, I understand about the elder pet situation, nursing a 14 year old lab/golden mix with diabetes and undiagnosed lumps. I am just trying to make sure he is comfortable and eats well and gets his walks. Shooting for quality of life, not dragging it out for him.

    Hang in there and stay sane any way you can!

    1. As my daughter wisely put it, “They can’t Google their symptoms or worry about their life expectancy.” With a senior dog, quality of life matters. They just know they feel awful or feel okay, and honestly, Sophie was so very not okay for a solid week, I wasn’t sure she’d come back. At the moment she’s doing better.

  3. I’m glad you get the day off. even more glad Sophie has rallied.
    This may be our last cold front of the year, rain came through down here today.
    Any Easter plans? Enjoy the peace, at least, temporary though it may be.

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