Looks like I’ll be working from home for now, maybe?

I think? It’s Monday morning and I have no idea what’s going on.

My employer, which is not the same company as the place where I go to work, emailed around 8:30 last night to say that the place where I work is “reviewing” its contingent workforce to determine who needs to report to a physical location, who can work from home, and who should just… wait around to see if they’ll get paid again. It is 6:30 a.m., I’m on my second large mug of coffee, and in a bit I’ll fire up the big honkin’ work laptop (I call it the flat screen TV, because that’s what it feels like when I’m carrying it), and see if there’s a message there about my status. I can work from home to a degree; and actually could get a lot of organizing done in peace if I’m allowed to do so.

I don’t have face to face contact with customers in my role, but if local governments are going to be thinly staffed as well, the odds of my getting anything done are pretty low – my job involves a lot of chats with engineering and public works people. And I have no idea what anyone else in my group is doing, I haven’t been contacted. We have contingency plans for hurricanes, but not this.

I needed some time off, but not like this. Yikes.

3 thoughts on “Looks like I’ll be working from home for now, maybe?”

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. But in DC the govt has gone to spretty much only essential services being staffed.

    1. I’m working at home for now. We are trying to get things done as much as we can, but damn, it’s exhausting.

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