Merry Christmas! Thank God It’s Over!

Honestly, I’m not a Christmas Hater, but I do feel like there’s so much lead up to something that is over in hours. I’ll start un-decorating tomorrow.

So, how did the Big Gift Reveal go?

It went very well.

She really was surprised. I’m surprised we kept the secret that long.

So, am I the only person really relieved that this annual event is over? I’m just not a Christmas-y person, I enjoy the small fun moments but I can’t get all in. I accept that. I will gradually start taking Christmas down starting tomorrow, and by January 1, it will be gone.

The Kid is thrilled about the cruise, but has no idea what to expect. I’m glad about that, her expectations are “ooh, that looks cool!” and “Castaway Cay is gorgeous!” And basically that’s where I am too. We will all just spend a fun and expensive weekend doing something new. Best Christmas Ever!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Thank God It’s Over!”

    1. Yeah, she’s about an inch shorter than I am now. She still has her Tween Drama spells, but is mostly a mellow and funny and smart kid. She’s excited about the cruise but also a little nervous because she doesn’t know what to expect. I share her energy.

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