My Job Ate My Desk.

I was not kidding when I said the day job has taken over my desk. It has left me with almost no room to open a notebook or safely place a cup of tea.

After some delivery confusion and a couple of false starts, a second, larger desk should arrive next Wednesday. I found a vendor that actually scheduled a delivery, instead of a range of “maybe” dates. Fingers crossed that they’re not lying. For now, please excuse yet another blog silence, I have no practical way to plug in the wee Mac, and it’s about to die.

Ellie is fully recovered and is fabulous and rowdy again. Gidget remains perfect.

More to come, this wee Macbook is about to sleep. I’m an Amazon Associate, so if you buy something through my links I earn a small commission. (But honestly, I like this desk/craft table/whatever so much I just bought a second one.)

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