My Office is Cold Today.

Gidget doesn’t approve.

I didn’t cover her up like this, she tucks herself in. As it warmed up toward noon she emerged, inch by inch.

She’s on top of the blanket now, so we have reached a Gidget Approved room temperature.

3 thoughts on “My Office is Cold Today.”

  1. If you ever want a giggle, see if you can find an Italian Greyhound, and for purely scientific purposes, watch their blanket management skills! And all without opposable thumbs. Of course, sometimes the blanket is uncooperative, and that results in a pointed stare over the shoulder, until I get the message!

    1. GAE! So good to hear from you! Gidget has that kind of blanket skills, she can tuck herself in on the couch with her blanket up to her shoulders and her head on the pillow.

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