My Solemn Vow to Save Money All Summer for my August Unemployment

Evaporated on Amazon Prime Day. But for a really good reason:

When I take my 30 day break, it’s a total removal from the company. The monitor they sent so we could work at home? That has to go back, along with the laptop and all peripherals. I’ve come to love this monitor.

I have a very wee MacBook. (The model is now discontinued, but I’ll cross the new computer bridge when I have to.) The screen is very high quality, the resolution is lovely, but it is very wee indeed. Grandma’s eyes just don’t freaking want to deal with that on a daily basis, with photos, etc.

Prime Day came along and this morning, on a whim, I searched for a monitor, and found a very cheap monitor with 40k+ positive reviews. The deal is over now, sadly, but I got that baby for $79. The cheapest monitor I’d put on my shopping list, which is no longer available, was $129. Score! This is the first time I ever bought anything on Prime Day, because this is the first time they ever had something I really wanted/needed.

And hours later, once the barrier was broken, I bought an Echo with a clock. I also didn’t pay the price currently shown when you click through, so I’m glad I did it. I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw it. My nightstand is small and cluttered. I have been thinking about putting my teeny Echo Dot on the desk in my office for over a year, and I don’t have an actual clock on my nightstand. It was half price!

I swear I’m done now.

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