My Time Off Is Winding Down…

I go back September 1. I got a new title and a raise and a few days of PTO, so that’s all great.

But of course, the AC just died at the house my daughter rents from me while the heat index is 110, because of course it did. The entire system has to be replaced this time, because it has been on borrowed time for YEARS. It’s close to 20 years old, while the lifespan is 10 to 15. I knew this day was coming. I will never, ever be out of debt.

I got the notification that I have to go do the drug screening for my return to work. I will start my Saturday peeing in a cup at an urgent care a few miles away. They also do COVID testing and vaccines, so I’m hoping if I go early on Saturday I won’t be in a mob of plague rats.

I have not been wildly productive for the last couple of weeks. I do have a load of stuff for donation tomorrow. I went to Epcot again Wednesday, but OMG, it was just sooo hot, I ate some stuff and bailed.

What I ate was worth it, though. I don’t have a picture of my favorite plant based treat, the Impossible Burger with wasabi slaw topping, because I was so hungry I just ate it without taking a picture. (I suck at this blogging stuff.) I stopped at the Spain booth which wasn’t even on my radar, and had a very tasty little seafood salad with an honestly not all that memorable wine flight.

I didn’t do any desserts. We expect to be back there in mid-September and I’ll be all about the desserts that trip, I swear.

And I went back to the American Pavilion:

I may have a lobster addiction. I do not consider this to be a problem. It was hot. it was insanely hot, and while there was a breeze at times, even the breeze was hot. Happily, the park was not very crowded and I was able to eat all my little snacks in the shade, often with a nice view of the water.

So, has my time off been magical and relaxing? Not even a bit. But I do have a plan for getting through it to the next shit. I’ll take it.

7 thoughts on “My Time Off Is Winding Down…”

  1. I love the lobster rolls at the American Pavilion! Hard to eat just one

    As for everything else going on around us … ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  2. I’m glad you had some fun, at least. Sorry about the A/C. it’s expensive. Good news is your daughter & family will likely save a lot on their electric bill…O.o.

    Also, I saw this analysis of Disney changes on Scott’s Cheap Flights (to which I’m a subscriber) and thought of you. Hope it isn’t as bad as he reports?

    1. Hah! Thanks! I was going to answer you here, and realized it was turning into a blog post. I wasn’t going to put more Disney stuff here this week so this is all your fault! 🙂

    1. The water restrictions blew my mind too. So far I think only Orlando and Winter Park are affected; I haven’t heard anything about restrictions in my area. Not that I have a lawn to water, and our condo uses (smelly) well water for irrigation, so I haven’t been following it too closely.

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