Normal Life

Thank you all so much. The kind words about Sophie meant a lot. I’ve been typing on these here interwebs for a long time and sometimes it just feels like I’m talking to myself. It helped so much to know that others cared about her too.

I miss my sweet, funny, bouncy, healthy Sophie. I don’t miss the version of her I lived with for the last year. You know how you don’t always realize you’re in hell, because you’re just responding to the situation day by day, and doing your best and trying to fix it, and then when it’s over you look back and wonder how the hell you did that for so long? I am there. I was so focused on getting through the days and finding a way to make her better, I never stepped back to think about how utterly awful life was.

I realized this when I woke up on Tuesday after sleeping a solid 8 hours, because there were no middle of the night noises or horrible stenches at 2 am. We are all sleeping in. Gidget and Ellie are sleeping on the bed together. Sleeping on the bed with me is possibly Gidget’s favorite thing ever.

It feels so strange – THIS is how normal people live! I’d actually forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Normal Life”

  1. Your post was so very positive and I hope you can just relax. I understand and went through a long slog with my kitty Jackie. He had various problems over the years but the last six months of his life were unhappy for both of us. I probably just didn’t realize. I really wish him all the best and I know that I am much more relaxed, good for all of us. Sophie had a wonderful life and you made that possible. Best always.

    1. Thank you! “Just relax” isn’t looking too promising because now we are in the path of Hurricane Elsa. (You can imagine the jokes on the Disney Facebook pages.) It’ll probably be a tropical storm when it gets here around Tuesday, but yeah, that’ll be…fun.

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